We evolved from necessity!

A serious heart condition left our founder extremely susceptible to cold and flu viruses, which led to ongoing hospitalisation…the doctors told him to find an effective way to sanitise his home and work environment…


Our products and services have evolved from necessity! Our founder suffers from a serious heart condition which makes him extremely susceptible to cold and flu viruses. After being hospitalised numerous times over a period of 2 years,  his doctors asked him to look for an effective sanitisation treatment for his home and work environment.

He quickly found there were limited treatment options available, other than traditional practices involving nasty chemicals. It was then that he started to research the benefits and effectiveness of medical grade UV-C light sanitisation. 

After extensive research, he purchased some products from an American distributor and was impressed with their effectiveness. His next question to them was “Why can I not purchase these products in Australia?”. Their answer was simply, “We do not have an approved distributor in Australia”. This led to the creation of Hygiene Hub! 

After months of training and testing, Hygiene Hub Australia Pty Ltd has now been appointed as the Australian and New Zealand distributor for these simple but effective medical grade UV-C light sanitisation devices.

Now we can provide fast and reliable, chemical free and environmentally friendly medical grade UV-C light sanitisation for your home, work, car, caravan, boat or even aeroplane, if you have one.

This is something we are very passionate about and we would love the opportunity to pass on the benefits we have achieved for ourselves to as many others as possible.

So if you or your loved ones are continually getting sick, suffer from allergies or breathing problems, have troubles sleeping, recurring headaches, skin irritations, are continually feeling tired or are in the high risk category of being infected, we have a treatment option for you.


To be the trusted name and national leader in hygiene sanitisation.

To provide a safe, chemical free and environmentally friendly sanitisation option that is affordable to all homes and businesses.

This is achieved by using the latest technology, hospital grade testing and treatment equipment. Our services are performed by fully trained technicians focusing on exceptional customer service at all times.