Business Hygiene Treatment (BHT)



If you and your staff are suffering from any of the symptoms listed below, have one of our technicians perform a complete sanitisation of your work environment:

  • are regularly getting sick
  • suffer from allergies or breathing problems
  • have recurring headaches
  • have skin irritations
  • are continually feeling tired or lethargic

Reduce sick leave and increase your bottom line.

Food and Hospitality: Save $ on food spoilage! 

  • A fully trained technician will visit and perform hygiene sanitisation to all surface and air areas.
  • This will be done using the latest UV-C Light sanitising technology (same technology as used in hospital operating theatres).
  •  UV-C light has been scientifically proven to be completely safe to humans and animals

Using the latest technology UV-C light devices, treatment will be performed effectively and efficiently, with no inconvenience to you.

REMEMBER: Treatment is chemical free and environmentally friendly. 


Treatment options are available monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. Recommendations on frequency will be provided after initial treatment.

Our technicians are available 7 days a week for your convenience.

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