Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Products

Our natural air purifying bamboo charcoal bags prevent mould, mildew and bacteria growing by absorbing excess moisture. Effectively remove odours, toxic chemicals and moisture by absorbing them into their porous structure and not just masking them with chemical fragrances.
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  • 100% fragrance free and non-toxic. Eco, children and pet friendly.
  • 100% natural bamboo charcoal
  • 100% fresh and active carbon bamboo charcoal crystals in a durable and well made linen bag.
  • To rejuvenate, place in the sun for 1-2 hours every month
  • Reusable for 2 years
  • Our bamboo carbon bags are available in 75g, 200g and 500g

UV-C Light Sanitising Devices

UV-C light technology allows germs and bacteria to be killed instantly on any surface. Sanitise your home/work environment with the same technology used in hospital operating theatres.
Safe to be used on every day products, such as, mobile phones, wallets, handbags, laptops, baby products, food preparation areas, mattresses and many, many more. For more information call our After Care Helpline.
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  • Bacteria and viruses are invisible. Use our products to destroy them instantly.
  • Kills germs on practically any surface and also gets rid of nasty odours.
  • 100% chemical free and non-toxic. Eco, children and pet friendly.
  • Available in this range are our Mini , Midi and Mega UV-C sanitising wands, UV-C toothbrush sanitiser and UV-C shoe sanitiser/deodoriser.

UV Detection Torch

Detects bacteria with UV light by making them glow.
Clearly shows bacteria and mould, pet urine, food stains and human excrements on carpet, furniture and floors. Be aware of what nasties are lurking in your home/office environment. May also be used for authenticating currency.
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  • Sturdy and compact design at an affordable price.